How to Play Live Betting Games

How to Play Live Betting Games 

Live betting is a type of wager placed during an ongoing sporting event. These bets update in real-time and lines can change rapidly. 

Betting against the spread or on over/unders is an excellent way to make money from live bets. However, you must know how to read the game well and find value in mispriced markets. 

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In-game betting options 

In the not too distant past, a gambler’s only betting option was to place a pregame wager and wait until the game was over. But online sportsbooks have a much more interesting feature: live betting, or in-game wagering. 

This high-tech method uses sophisticated computer software to constantly calculate odds in real time and offers opportunities to beat the sportsbooks’ lines. But the bettor’s innate human hunch is still important and he or she needs to be attentive and observe the game closely. 

In-game betting options include point spreads, moneylines and totals. The lines are released before each period, quarter, half or inning and are refreshed periodically during downtime such as commercial breaks. The sportsbooks may also adjust the odds on the fly to respond to shifting market conditions. 


Live betting odds are influenced by the events of the game. This makes them much more volatile than pre-game odds. There are even times when odds will freeze if there is a clear momentum shift. Examples of these include a team stealing the ball from the other side or a player scoring. 

The best way to get the most out of live betting is by using a match tracker. This allows you to see the action in graphic form and analyze the data. This gives you an edge over the bookmakers as it may be possible to spot a change in the momentum of a game before they do. Live betting also offers more opportunities to hedge your wagers (placing a bet on the opposite side of an existing one). These bets are often profitable but require a lot of attention. 


Hedging is a great way to guarantee profits on a bet. This strategy is often used for parlay bets, but it can also be useful for single-game wagers. This method works best when you use a betting exchange, which allows you to back and lay bets simultaneously. For example, if you place a pregame bet on the Lakers to win the NBA Finals and they make it through to the finals, then you can hedge that bet by placing a wager on all other outcomes that would cause the original bet to lose. 

This is a risky strategy that should be used only as a last resort, but it can help you avoid large losses. Hedging is also commonly used in online casino games such as roulette and craps, though it is less effective for those types of bets.


Middling is a betting strategy that can help bettors earn high profits without having to risk much money. It requires a bettors to place two wagers with different point spreads. It is not a strategy that most new bettors are familiar with as it requires intermediate-level sports betting knowledge. However, if the right conditions are met, middling can be very profitable. 

The key is to look for line movement. The bigger the gap between the original and closing lines, the higher the chance of a middle. This method is similar to hedging, but it offers the chance to win both bets. To be successful, it is important to know 

the distributions of winning margins and totals in the NFL. This will help you find +EV middles. Also, always shop around to get the best odds on your middle bets. 

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When betting in-game, be sure to use timeouts wisely. This allows you to avoid egregious vig charges that are often found on live bets. It also allows you to watch the game with your own eyes and observe things the bookmakers may have missed. 

The odds and lines in live betting games are constantly changing as the action progresses, presenting enticing opportunities for sharp bettors to find value. However, due to the fact that lines are locked during commercial and scheduled breaks, finding an edge based on timing alone is difficult. 

One of the best ways to spot value is to look for teams that are losing early in the game. The public often overreacts to early losses and sportsbooks will spit out incorrect lines that can be exploited.